National Market Update For March 2020

The average rate on the popular 30-year fixed mortgage fell Friday morning to 3.23%, an 8-year low  The yield on the benchmark 10-year United States Treasury bonds fell to a record low of 1.16 percent in trading Friday morning, down from 1.9 percent at the start of the year and 2.7 percent one year ago. … Continued

6 Things You Can Do To Sell Your Townhome Faster in Eugene

The task of selling your townhouse can mean some additional challenges. That’s why it’s a good idea to consider these 6 things you can do to sell your townhome faster in Eugene. Consult Your HOA The first step in this journey is your HOA or Homeowners Association. Even if you believe you’re versed in every … Continued

What You Need To Know About Selling A Eugene House in An HOA

Homeowners associations – or HOAs – are becoming a more common sight in the world of real estate. If you’re part of one, they come with some added hurdles when selling your home. To make things crystal clear, here’s what you need to know about selling a Eugene house in an HOA. Do Your Research … Continued

S’mores Dip

INGREDIENTS 4 sheets Hershey’s chocolate 19 marshmallows 1 cup water 1 cup  red, white, and blue sanding sugar Graham crackers, for serving DIRECTIONS Preheat oven to 450°.  In a square glass pan, place a layer of Hershey’s to cover the bottom of the pan. Dip 5 marshmallows in water and roll them in blue sanding sugar. Place on … Continued

Mortgage Relief Options To Help Homeowners in Eugene

Your finances can change quickly, especially when faced with the recent economic downturn. One thing that could be causing stress for you is the overhead of your normal bills, such as your mortgage. Here’s what you need to know about Eugene mortgage relief options that may be available. What Is the CARES Act? First and … Continued

5 Myths About Eugene Agents You Should Ignore

Realtors are sometimes seen as sleazy salespeople who are only after your money, similar to a used car salesperson. That isn’t always the case. Here are 5 myths about Eugene agents you should ignore. All Commissions for Eugene Agents Are Equal Some clients begin their house search thinking everything regarding their Eugene agents is boilerplate … Continued

Negotiations Seller Don’t Always Know About!

 Sellers, did you know that you negotiate with your buyer three times between the initial contract and closing?  The first negotiation occurs at the time the seller gets the offer. This initial offer sets the wheels in motion, and we negotiate things like purchase price, closing costs, and dates. This is the negotiation that most … Continued

June 2020 Market Update

Sure! One of the biggest questions in real estate right now is whether this historic unemployment rate will bring about a new surge of foreclosures in the market. Despite the staggering number of claims, there are actually many reasons why we won’t see a significant number of foreclosures like we did during the housing crash … Continued