6 Tips To Win A Multiple Offer Situation!

6 Tips To Win A Multiple Offer Situation!


6 Tips To Win A Home With Multiple Offers

What happens when you send an offer on your dream home, and then you find out there’s four other offers? I have six tips to help you win your dream home. Hi. I’m Genevieve Partsch with CTD Realty.

Tip number one: Send your best offer, so you don’t lose the home over a few thousand dollars. Remember, $2,000 finance equals about $12 a month in an increased payment or an additional 40 cents a day. Don’t lose your dream home over 40 cents a day.

Tip number two: Write a clean offer. The more you ask, the less chance of it being successful, meaning asking for home warrantees, surveys, and adding special stipulations is not going to be appealing to the seller.

Tip number three: Shorten or eliminate contingencies, including inspection, financing, or appraisal periods.

Tip number four: This one is super, super important. Have a responsive lender and a home inspector ready to go. Use a great lender that has already pre-approved you and is just waiting for that contract, so you can proceed quickly.

Tip number five: Personalize your offer to stand out from the rest of the offers. I have a few different ways to make sure that happens, and I’ll share that with you in person.

Tip number six: Lastly, make sure your real estate agent is experienced with multiple offer situations and knows the right questions to ask the listing agent and also how to structure a winning offer. A successful buyer’s agent will also inform the listing agent with vital information, so the seller has more confidence in his buyer’s ability to close the transaction.

Look, knowledge is power, and knowing what to ask, what to say, and then structuring an offer based on that information is a winning formula for a successful, multiple offer outcome. I can offer more details in person. Have a great home buying day.

-Genevieve Partsch

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