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Dated: January 4 2021

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If you check out any of my listings they have what is called a Matterport virtual walk-through what is next in digital real estate? I'm going to tell you how awesome this can be when you're shopping for your new home. Hello, I'm Genevieve Partsch with Hearthstone Real Estate. If you haven't figured it out, I'm a geek, and I love technology and implementing it to show houses, or your home, to the masses. With this crazy time, this crazy world we're living in, now you can actually virtually walk through homes at the comfort of your own home. through the tour, where you can virtually walk through the home, without leaving your house. Wait, it gets better. If you have an Oculus Quest 2... To be honest, I don't know any other VR system, so this does not pertain to any other VRs. So, only I'm going to be talking about Oculus 2 today. I'm going to show you how to actually walk through virtually with your VR system. So, here's the Oculus Quest 2. I have a sweatband on mine. Mines... Yeah. I use it quite a bit. So let's go check it out.

Go into your browser. Put in the browser And put in the address you want to look up, or just do whatever county you are looking for, and hit search. I did one of my listings. So I have a 3D home on here. See the 3D home button? Click that, and it pulls it up. And press the play, and enter VR. And now you are in virtual reality. And it feels like you're actually standing right in the house. So how you find these homes. You can go up to filters, and scroll down to only 3D homes. And you can filter out any 3D homes.

Genevieve Partsch:
Back to reality. So how did you like that tour of that home? Awesome, right? Probably not as cool until you actually put this headset on. So, check it out, and to find out more about my videos be sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel. Make it a great home-buying and selling day. 

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