Long Timber Brewing

Long Timber Brewing


Hey, I’m at Long Timber Brewing, my new favorite hot spot in Monroe. They have great food and great beers on tap. I’m with Biff. He is the manager of Long Timber Brewing. So tell us a little bit about Long Timber Brewery.

Hi, Genevieve. The Long Timber Brewery started as a four-year project with the plan of establishing a restaurant that resembled the 1920 and 1930s logging camps. It is a two year collection of the timber, the owner did for the beams. He brought those on to their mill, Hull-Oakes Mill, and had it milled there. Decorations that we see here while you walk around are a three year collection of the owners pulling them out of the [inaudible 00:01:09] of the old mill.

What’s your favorite dish on the menu?

My favorite dish is probably the Green Line, which is actually a term from the mill. That is a seared ahi tuna sandwich that we make here, and it’s just amazing. Our bestseller is our burgers. They’re tops. They stack them tall, stab them with the knife. Our fries are made here, just like everything here is made from scratch. So it’s really hard to say what’s my favorite.

Do you have revolving beer taps here?

Yes, we do. We brew it onsite. And Matt, our main brewer, he … Right now, we have about 12 on tap right now. Sometimes it’s 15. He just picks and chooses as he goes.

So a big thing is, if somebody doesn’t like beer, they can enjoy this beautiful wine bar you guys have and it’s private. What kind of wine do you guys serve here?

We serve exclusively Sweep Earth Vineyards wine, that is owned by the owners as well. We do a wine tasting Thursday through Sunday. We have somebody that tends the wine bar for that. You can also eat in the wine bar. Wednesday, Thursday, it’s 4 to 9, and then Friday, Saturday, Sunday, it’s 11:30 to 9.


Come in and try it out:
180 N 5th St, Monroe, OR 97456
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